Risk Management

Photo of executives reviewing charts and reports at a board room table.

The Risk Management Department provides in-depth risk analysis for our clients' portfolios of properties and is dedicated to managing risk, reducing claims and ultimately lowering insurance costs overall.

Meyer Jabara's risk management expertise includes casualty, liability, worker’s compensation, health, environmental, cyber, crime, employment practices and terrorism insurance. Meyer Jabara Hotels provides claims management, implementation of safety policies and procedures and coordination of insurance renewals.

They work with the largest insurance carriers to provide the broadest coverage at the lowest cost. Our mission is to provide our associates, guests and stakeholders with the safest environment to avoid injury and claims.

Meyer Jabara Hotels is committed to ongoing education for all associates in identifying risk, proper investigation and reducing claims. We understand guests want to be heard and know the best way to show we care is to empower our associates to act immediately when an incident occurs and make every effort to come to an early resolution.

Our company wide monthly safety call is a collaboration of ideas and sharing of best practices. We are an organization of learners, leaders and teachers in all areas of hotel operations, including insurance and risk management.