Introducing the
Mirrors of MJ 2018

About the Mirrors of MJ Awards

The Company culture is behavioral proof of our beliefs…

At Meyer Jabara Hotels, we believe in people. Our people deliver our promise of a wonderfully memorable and repeatable hospitality experience. In the Mirrors of MJ, we showcase some of our best.

Their faces represent hundreds more who proudly serve our guests and each other daily. As you read their stories, study how the eyes of these special associates reflect the passion of professionalism, talent and caring heart.

 A healthy, positive, creative culture is the single most important component to sustainable success. Each year Meyer Jabara Hotels celebrates amazing associates who rise to the role of “Culture Keeper.”

This very special group of  MJ team members step across the line of expectation and consistently deliver the unique experiences to those served by our organization. They reflect the core values of the culture and shine the light of learning in their workplaces.

The pinnacle recognition within Meyer Jabara Hotels is to be named a “MJ Mirror”. The Mirrors of MJ are storytellers. Their eyes shine brightly with passion for their jobs. Their smiles tell of the joy received by serving others. Their hearts perpetually seek new opportunities to make a positive difference.

Each year the story continues. . .

The video above celebrates every Mirror of MJ recipient since 2006.

Mirrors of MJ