Mirrors of MJ

Our Culture

A company's culture is not a destination or a human resources program of the month, it is a journey. It is a collection of all the small actions and big strategies, the monumental decisions and the minute interactions which make up each day. Every company has a culture. Some choose to take what they get while others work hard to create and nurture a culture that is fundamental to their success. Meyer Jabara Hotels acknowledges the associate as a key stakeholder and works as hard to create outlandishly engaged associates as they do to create returning, raving guests. This culture is known as "The Journey".

Within The Journey Culture all associates are encouraged and trained to accept the gift of empowerment and responsibility for providing superior customer service and differentiated repeatable experiences for our guests. Each member of leadership attends "Leading The Journey" interactive training class which prepares the leader to nurture and perpetuate the culture. Each associate attends the interactive training class, "Living The Journey" which showcases the benefits and expectations of living and working within this culture. Each class focuses the participants on the ten foundational Journey principles:

  • Change is Good - We must embrace change.
  • Flock vs. Herd - We operate with a team (or "flock" of geese) vs. independent domination (or "head buffalo") style of leadership.
  • Vision/Mission - We are guided by our living Vision and Mission.
  • Three Legged Stool - We acknowledge that we serve three customers: The Guest, The Associate and Ownership. We strive to keep them in balance.
  • Do What You Do Best And Leave The Rest To The Rest - We must know what we want to be great at and do it better than anyone else.
  • Accept Empowerment - We each must unwrap the gift of empowerment and take on the personal responsibilities associated with our jobs.
  • Waterline - We know what decisions we can readily make (above the waterline) and what decision must be consultative (below the waterline).
  • The Three P's - We have the Power, the Permission and the Protection necessary to embrace decision making for the good of the customer.
  • Heart Connections and Partnerships - In all that we do we strive to lead with a head and heart connection which is the strongest of bonds.
  • The Terrible Truths - We are guided by the beliefs that: "I am the problem"; therefore, I must work to "Change myself first to create the world I want to see." I must always strive for constant improvement. "Success is the enemy." I cannot rest on my past successes.

The ownership and leadership of Meyer Jabara Hotels fosters a non-directive management style centered on learning and continuous improvement. The Journey Management System is coached by the renowned author, consultant and speaker, Dr. James Belasco. The Journey culture is a learning culture and several times each year the entire leadership team of Meyer Jabara Hotels, under the coaching guidance of Dr. Belasco and Thought Leader, Terri Tucker, gathers to learn new applications for constant improvement.

"The Journey" is Meyer Jabara Hotel's true competitive advantage.