10.25.2018 | Blog Post: The Secret on How to Retain Your Employees

30+ Years and Counting!

At Meyer Jabara Hotels, the company culture is called the Journey. It has been a 30 year plus journey for 38 MJH associates who have chosen to stay with the company for most of their adult lives. When it was asked of the close to 40 MJH associates that have been with MJH for 30+ years, “what has kept you with Meyer Jabara Hotels all this time?” and the answer was consistent across the board.

Their answer was: “The People”. 

Each and every associate goes through an extensive training in the company culture and what behaviors are expected of them to succeed and grow. In the MJH Journey culture, associates are encouraged to work together and share the load of leading. By truly working together, no one should carry the burden of telling everyone what to do. There are team goals of course and those are discussed daily to be sure everyone is on the same track. Emphasis on the company mission facilitates this focus.  

Associates are empowered to make smart decisions that support the company’s vision and mission. The Journey training concentrates on honoring, hosting and creating memorable moments that celebrate life. MJH does this by creating an environment where all associates accept empowerment and personal responsibility for: exceptional and distinctive guest experiences; associate development, and profitability.

Jennifer Dahler, Strategic Marketing & Communications Director | Meyer Jabara Hotels

To learn more about MJH and their company culture, please visit https://www.meyerjabarahotels.com/our-culture-1/

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